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Kwik Goal NXT Coerver Goal

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First touch, fast reflexes and precise passing are just a few of the skills the (WC-240) NXT Coerver® Training Frame is suited for. Featuring dual-sided training ability, all-aluminum construction and natural-surface design* – this training frame is a durable and versatile piece of equipment that will help take your team to the next level. The frame itself is all-aluminum, 1 ¾” round and features Kwik Button® assembly.


Height: 8' 
Width: 24' 
Depth: 0' 
Base: 0' 
Weight: 61 lbs. per goal.
Material: All-aluminum construction post and crossbar; Steel anchor shoes; 1 3/4" round post and crossbar. 
Finish: Powder coated white post and crossbar; Powder coated red anchor shoes.

**Additional charges included in price

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Size 8'x24'
Color White
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